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As OK Tire's primary supplier of nitrogen systems, our Acme Tire Care Division is excited to be heading out to Las Vegas for the OK Tire Annual Conference 2015 – "Driven to Lead".  OK Tire dealers will have an unprecedented opportunity to learn about nitrogen tire inflation systems, be it optimizing nitrogen systems already in place or implementing an entirely new system. 


  • NitroFill Nitrogen Generators – Equipment that is not only affordable, easy to install and maintain, but also pays for itself.
  • NitroFill Auto Club and Customer Care Club - A customer retention program combined with an excellent roadside assistance package.
  • ReSupply automated reminders - A great service for anyone who wants a worry-free way to make sure they are up-to-date on maintnenace of their nitrogen system.
  • PCL nitrogen acessories - Nitrogen analysers, pressure gauges, auto-inflators and more!

As customer demand for nitrogen increases, a well-maintained nitrogen system is an absolute must for any tire shop. Auto dealers are now selling new and used vehicles with nitrogen-inflated tires because they recognize that it influences customers to come back to their service bays. We encourage all OK Tire dealers to stop by our booth and talk to the experts.

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